The Best Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving in Your Workspace

The holiday season is here, and now is the time to get in the Turkey Day spirit! With just two weeks until Thanksgiving, spend the next fourteen days celebrating with your work family. We rounded up activities that are easy, fun, festive, and have something for everyone in the workspace! 

1. Give Back To Your Community

This time of year, it is extra important to think of the community that you work and live in. As a team, you can celebrate Thanksgiving by providing food for others. You can collect donations for a holiday meal for a family in need or partner up with a local organization that already distributes food. Consider having everyone bring in extra items from their pantry so you can drop them off prior to the holiday. In the midst of a busy year, giving back helps keep us focused on what really matters this season. 

2. Express Gratitude for Each Other

There is so much to be grateful for in 2023! Don’t forget to think of your business, coworkers, and workspace. Express your gratitude through written cards, a dedicated Slack channel, or even challenge everyone to put something that they are grateful for as their chat status. These are all low-lift ways to give thanks. 

3. Worksgiving is the New Thanksgiving 

What is Thanksgiving without food? Have everyone come with their favorite themed item, whether it be a batch of seasonal sangria or a big bowl of mashed potatoes. Sit down for a potluck-style lunch and enjoy celebrating “worksgiving!” It is all about taking time to be together as a team and reconnect. While holiday parties can be formal to-dos with partners and spouses, worksgiving is about casual conversation and fun.

4. Change Perspectives

This year, switch up your perspective around Thanksgiving. Have different team members share their traditions and recipes. Learn about Native cultures and traditions. Expand your view of the holiday by making an effort, as a team, to learn more about what Thanksgiving means to different groups across the country.

5. Decorate Your Space

In the weeks before Thanksgiving, kick things up a notch in your workspace! Bring in scents of the season with a pumpkin or apple spice air freshener. Change out pillows or blankets for ones in autumnal colors. Or, search for other fall-themed items at shops like HomeGoods or World Market. Decorating for the season is a small way to bring some joy and festivity into your everyday work life.


Thanksgiving ushers in a special time of year for many people. It can be a time to bond with coworkers, give back, and reflect. When you step back into your workspace, full of pie, AdvantEdge will be here, ready to keep your business on track. 

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